Apply for the 2018 Diamond Award

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Since 1994, the Arkansas Environmental Federation has provided recognition for member companies that go above and beyond regulations to safeguard the environment. We began by creating the Waste Minimization/Pollution Prevention Awards Program. In 1999, we revised the program name and criteria and created the Diamond Award for Excellence in Environmental Leadership.
Click HERE to apply! Just fill out the application and submit it online. Any supplements may be sent to Charles Miller at An independent panel appointed by the Board of Directors of the AEF will determine the winner of the award. The Diamond Award for Excellence in Environmental Leadership will recognize a company demonstrating initiative and/or leadership in managing its environmental affairs. The winner of the Diamond Award for Excellence in Environmental Leadership will receive a beautiful crystal and wood trophy that can be displayed in the company’s reception area. In addition, the winner will be invited to make a presentation during the AEF’s 51st Annual Convention on October 4th & 5th in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and all applicants will be provided the opportunity to do a tabletop display showcasing their projects at the 2018 Convention. Please consider applying for this award or contacting a Federation member company that you think should enter the competition. If you need additional information, contact Charles Miller, AEF Executive Director, at 501-374-0263 or