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Please, use this space for timely discussion of Air issues in Arkansas. 


  • Topics determine to discuss at future meetings: 
    • Definitions
      • Dr. Moore has suggested that members identify individual definitions for consideration. She would like the following terms to be considered for revisions, (1) regulated asbestos containing material; (2) inspection; and (3)thorough inspection. Further, she suggests that the language of inspection and thorough inspection (with modification) be moved to Chapter 5: General Provisions and to leave a simple definition for inspection. I will document this recommendation to move language to Chapter 5 for the group to consider and discuss in the future.
        In addition, Dr. Moore asked why the list of definitions from the draft Rule 21 were being used instead of the list of definitions in Regulation 21. We agreed that we would work from Reg. 21, which we did in the last meeting. The Rule 21 Strawman Draft definitions were used for discussion and comparison purposes to definitions in Reg. 21 and I believe that this was helpful to facilitate discussion on intent and whether various terms were still needed. The visual aid that was handed out (and posted up on the board) was intended to help workgroup members see terms (revised, removed, added) that DEQ staff wants workgroup members to discuss and consider for revisions, additions, or removals. These terms to consider are outlined in the Strawman Draft Rule 21 and the crosswalk. In the last meeting, we touched on some of the considerations including using the acronym and the full term in definitions section and removing some terms from the definition section that were not used within Reg. 21.
    • Enforcement
    • Licensing
    • Training
    • Reciprocity
    • Waste Disposal
    • Air Monitoring
    • Notices

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