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The Arkansas Environmental Federation’s 53rd Annual Convention is upon us! Read carefully, because this new virtual event has so many awesome opportunities for you, our favorite vendors!

Trade Show on AEF webpage

Scroll down, interactive webpage on You have the option to purchase a booth that will be in the first 10 slots; booths 11 and on will be in alphabetical order.

Your Virtual Booth may include:

Photos & your logo

A YouTube video

Clickable link to your website

Up to 4 team member names with phone numbers and emails

Clickable appointments link to your software of choice for registrants to set up appointments

The sooner you get us your information, the sooner your virtual booth will go live! You can have our trade show going for as long as a month!

Be sure to style your photos and video Mission Possible! We are still choosing a “Best of Show” winner for a FREE BOOTH when we are back together in 2021!!

Promotional Item Box

Styled Mission Possible, in a briefcase

Outside of briefcase will be covered in all our trade show vendor logos, styled as travel stamps

Choose your promotional item from the presentation included with this vendor package. Order from our print guy vendor so all items will be to AEF on time for AEF staff to package and mail the boxes.


Live drawings for prizes

You will receive the list of registrants shortly before you draw and you draw name in real time over audio with audience listening.

You responsible for delivery of item to lucky winner

Despite all the twists and turns this year brought us, you can depend on AEF’s Annual Convention! We are here to help you succeed. We are in this together and we will prove our convention a Mission Possible!

Email Brenda at for your vendor packet!