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As a sponsor of our 53rd Annual Convention, you will receive:

Air Time: A thirty second commercial or video of your production and choosing, that AEF staff will air during breaks.

Link to your website from the segment you sponsor (if applicable)

Display your provided logo on a step-and-repeat backdrop during AEF staff time on camera
Step and repeat logo submission requirements: Preferred file format is vector art -- an .ai, .eps, or .pdf file saved out of Illustrator.
If that is not available, a .jpg file that is around 5" at 300 dpi, or 10" at 150 dpi will work.

Utilize your information in our social media campaign.

AEF Staff will wear or display your promotional items, such as hats, koozies, or shirts, while on camera

The opportunity to introduce yourself and the presenter if you sponsor a presentation.

That is six opportunities for recognition!

Contact Brenda at bscarbrough@environmentark.org to sign up!